Equine Sessions

Simple Session

The 'Simple' session is a smaller session that focuses on capturing a beautiful collection of horse portraits. Including my popular black background fine art and smart head/body shots. If you're looking for some perfect portraits to display around your home, then this is the session for you.


  • 30 minute session
  • 5 individually hand-edited digital images
  • One A5 framed print
  • Personalised online gallery with unique discounts


Deluxe Session

The 'Deluxe' session is perfect for capturing those precious bonds and special moments between you and your horse. These sessions are great for capturing your choice of either in-hand or ridden images (or a little bit of both if you fancy) and why not plan a quick outfit change half way through as well?


  • 1 hour session
  • A full album of individually hand-edited images
  • One A5 framed print
  • Personalised online gallery with unique discounts


Premium Session

The 'Premium' session a unique and personalised session. It focuses on spending plenty of quality time with you and your horses, making this session perfect for two friends and their ponies, or an owner with multiple horses. Why not plan some outfit and location changes throughout your session too?


  • 90 minute session
  • A full album of individually hand-edited images
  • Two A4 framed prints
  • Personalised online gallery with unique discounts


Both the Deluxe and Premium sessions have the option to include a collection of my popular black background fine art portraits too!

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of one of my equine photoshoots with GEmma & Hudson. In this video you can view how the photoshoot location looks through the human eye and then see how I transform the images into memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

Play Video

I offer discounts for multiple bookings that take place on the same yard, on the same day. Not only do you receive a discount on the session fee, but you will also receive free travel fee's, and further product discounts that are unique to the yard! Please contact me to find out more regarding multiple sessions.

Travel fee's are included up to 40 miles from Milton Keynes. Further miles are charged extra. Please contact me with the postcode of where the session will take place, to find out the exact fee's.


What should I wear to my photoshoot?

What you wear is completely down to you! And I recommend wearing what you are most comfortable in, but if you'd like my opinion then I do have some personal favourite styles.
For more 'horsey natural' sessions I recommend wearing a comfy t-shirt/polo shirt, your nicest breeches/jeans and a clean pair of boots/shoes. If the weather is a little chillier then a stylish gilet or coat would be the perfect addition to this. Another favourite of mine is a gorgeous maxi-dress or playsuit/jumpsuit. These give you a stylish look whilst also having the freedom to move around, ride and position as you please. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt then please remember not to wear anything that's too short!

What looks best, head collar or bridle?

My personal preference is a nice clean bridle. I love the look of special / personalised leather head collars too! I recommend not having any fur around your bridle for the purpose of your session, unless absolutely necessary, as this will give us a smoother and smarter portrait of your horse. That being said, the final decision of head collar or bridle is always down to you and your own preference!

I don't know which session is most suitable for me?

If you're having a hard time deciding which session is most suited to you, then please do get in contact with me! I will be able to assist with any more questions regarding my 3 different sessions, and equally would be happy to discuss creating your own bespoke session if none of my current ones suit your requirements!

What if my horse doesn't behave on the day of the shoot?

You'll be surprised by the images we can still capture even when you feel like your horse isn’t co-operating with you, or on their best behaviour. Having my own horses and animals I am aware things don't always go to plan when you want them to, but I can guarantee we will still be able to get some treasurable images from your shoot, no matter their behaviour on the day. I will spend as much time as needed getting to know your horse and letting your horse get used to me, before we start the shoot if they're nervous or anxious. I also have handy little props to help with their ears and focus and it is always helpful to have an extra person there who can assist with the posing/attention of your horse. I also recommend having some of their favourite treats to hand as well and having a little practise standing still and focusing on you before the shoot takes place!

How can I prepare my horse beforehand?

The day before your shoot and on the day, make sure you allow enough time to prepare your horse. I suggest bathing your horse either the night before, or on the morning of the shoot. Manes and tails look best left loose, clean, brushed, although some horses do look even smarter with some plaiting. Groom your horse as if you were going to a show, and have your hoof oil ready for just before the session starts. I will have a packet of wet wipes and a towel, to keep those muzzles clean, and for any extra little blemishes that occur during the shoot!